I've been to a ton of hackathons and a huge problem I've seen is the lack of support for non top 10 hackathon projects. Hackers drop potentially amazing projects simply because there was no recognition. The Hack Stack aims to give hackers the opportunity to highlight other hackers' projects.

How it works

Hackers can submit their hackathon projects with a title, link and description which other hackers can upvote if they like them. This creates a sort of people's choice awards for hackathon projects. If this platform inspires even just one team to follow through with their hack, despite not winning prizes, I will be very happy with my efforts.

Challenges I ran into

Didn't know Javascript at all and AngularJS is a whore. I had to rewrite everything from scratch in the last 10 hours.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I know how to code in Javascript on a basic level and I can now deploy using cloud code and parse

What I learned

Javascript, Parse Deployment, Never working with AngularJS again

What's next for The Hack Stack

I'll be adding user logins and multiple hackathons making it so only people within the area of the hackathon can vote on their favorite hacks. I'll definitely be posting in HH: WAYWO

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