The Green Gumshoe app is designed to bring communities and local government agencies together with the goal of maintaining a safe and clean environment.  Many citizens are unaware of who they should call or email if they see an environmental incident take place.  The Green Gumshoe allows a user to report an environmental incident to their proper local authorities based on their state and/or city or county location.  The user can either call the agency or send an email (if applicable) with pertinent information including a photo, GPS coordinates and a description.   Items that were taken into consideration:1.  Not every state agency allows anonymous reporting.  We require anyone filling out an 'Incident Details' form to enter their name, email address and phone number.   2.  While we did our best to research EPA data for the correct government agencies to report to, we want to make sure our information is as up to date as possible.  The app has a 'Govt. Agencies Verify Info Here' button that allows the agency to lookup and verify the information we have on our website at  If the information is incorrect or has changed, then they can submit a form with the correct information, and we will verify and update that info. 3.  When an incident is emailed, an email is sent to the government agency and a copy is sent to the user who reported the incident.  The user is always informed of what agency they are contacting, what phone number they are calling, or what email address the report was sent to.  At the bottom of this email is a link for the state agency to verify their information if they feel that the report was emailed to the wrong agency contact.

  1. The incident information (photo, location and description) are logged on the green gumshoe servers without the contact information.  The purpose is to support our future mission of providing an incident lookup map on our website so anyone can see reported incidents in their area.5.   There is a FAQ section which displays EPA information on environmental laws and examples of environmental incidents.

The Green Gumshoe is off to a great start and has big plans for its future.  Please visit us at

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