Behaviour change is hard. Not because of the will but the sustain. And to be honst, doing good should be fun!

We help companies to motivate their employees to reduce the company's carbon footprint and improve it's energy efficiency. Co-workers suddenly want to safe resources. They develop the appreciation needed to safe the world we love today.

Bad behaviours never have been punished and that is not our goal. But why don’t we reward those who do better?

Co-workers compete for the greatest improvements helping the team to win some prices and the company to go green. Managers can create new challenges to have goals for each new week. You can see your friends progress and see your ranking.

Participating is easy. Accepting challenges and completing tasks is done in seconds. Challenges are automatically completed when you fullfil it's requirements.

Thanks to the management of new teams, users and challenges is simple. And with the use of as the hosting platform the application scales well.

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