Our goal is to spotlight businesses that are already creating sustainable products and environmentally friendly packaging. And taxing the ones who don't. Climate change is coming, our trash is damaging wildlife all over our planet, and corporations only listen to us one way. When we speak with our wallets.

Through The Green Awakening, we hoped to create a two-way system where consumers would be able to support sustainable businesses, while also incentivizing corporations to transition to eco-friendly products and materials.

What it does

Our web application allows users to scan the barcode of everyday items, and provides them with an easily digestible infographic detailing various aspects of the product, as well as suggesting eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives for the same category of product.

How we built it

Our application was built primarily with React and HTML/CSS, along with QuaggaJS, a camera library that enabled us to provide real-time decoding of barcodes from our camera feed. We split up the main parts of our app into separate components, which we divided up amongst ourselves to work on.

Challenges we ran into

One major challenge we faced along the way was connecting our camera API to the rest of our application, and allowing our application to sync the product data with our information.

What's next for The Green Awakening

We’d like to expand The Green Awakening to encompass a larger selection of products. We also want to incorporate a user profile system so that users can compete with friends or people around the world to gain the most ‘karma’ from supporting sustainability.

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