The topic challenged us to talk about themes in Canada, so we thought, why not create something that encompasses and shows off all of them?

What it does

The game allows for interactive pieces that help you explore and learn much about different places in the country. For our first city of Toronto, it breaks down places like Kensington Market, and even the history of the CN Tower. Also, keep any eye, out for the hidden 13 maple leaves, each to be found in a province and territory. Can you find the leaf in Toronto?

How we built it

Unity Game Engine, C# based

Challenges we ran into

A problem we ran into that still exists was getting text into our rendered speech bubbles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a fun looking game in a short amount of time, despite obstacles faced

What we learned

learned about game development and creating interactive applications and more insight into Unity and topdown game development, as well as collaborating with others using the Unity collaborate feature.

What's next for The Great North, an interactive game that explores Canada.

Next, we want to implement more cities, add more UI for the player to understand location surroundings more, and more collectibles and move on to creating exicitng mini games such as, arcade basketball at the Scotiabank Arena, or maybe taking a ferry to Vancouver Island in British Columbia. P.S: The file is linked rather than be in the submission as it was too large, the google drive file only works when not signed in.

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