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Final stretch

I am really excited to be one of the finalist skills in this Alexa Conversations Challenge and I have been working hard the last weeks to improve The Great Expedition as best as I can. Some notable additions are:

  • Richer audio: sound effects and ambient background sounds make your adventures even more immersive
  • Better visuals: less text and more images make the skill visually more appealing. Lots of things can now also be selected via touched
  • Different voices: Each character has it’s own voice now. Just ask about one of them
  • More content: More expeditions have been added and existing ones improved
  • Robustness: The selection of expedition, characters and crew is now much more robust and natural
  • Bug Fixes: Whole lot of bug fixes and improvements

Thanks to Devpost and to the Alexa team for creating this challenge and supporting me the whole way.


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