I've always enjoyed playing games that encourage you to use your imagination so I figured I could take a shot at making my own. While text-based adventure games may look simple, their unexpected depth and the way that they can immerse the play has always been interesting to me.

What it does

It's fairly simple in operation as it's just a single python file that runs the adventure. It lets the player explore 6 rooms and interact with a variety of objects and scenarios in them.

How I built it

I built this primarily using python as it excels for simpler programs such as this. The code starts with declaring many of the arrays and dictionaries that I use to store things such as room descriptions, relationships, and items. The majority of the game runs in a while loops that continuously executes till the player wins. Within the while loops are quite a few if statements that handle all of the player interactions.

Challenges I ran into

My upper-level Python isn't the most polished so I had to spend time working on the logic of running the program and how to handle things like room and item relationships.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I've had a few people play test it and they have all said it's enjoyable which is always nice to hear after putting effort into a game.

What I learned

One big thing that I feel more comfortable with after this project is using dictionaries and arrays together and nesting them to create the desired effect. It made me think in ways that I hadn't had to before.

What's next for The Great Escape

Working on this project has given me the idea of creating a framework for text based adventure games that can be used to easily create games by those who are not comfortable programming. By standardizing the creation process I think it wouldn't be too hard to create a program with a GUI so that the user can create the game that they envision.

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