On our trip to Boilermake, we found ourselves wondering exactly what we should create. Several useful ideas came to mind, but none of them had a solid "wow" factor to set them apart from the many competitors we knew would be there. Then we remembered our experience at HackIllinois the previous year, where a winning idea had been a humorous cheating app on smart watches. Exploring this, we remembered just how introverted many of us are and how awkward it is to end conversations politely sometimes. Thus, The Great Escape was born to provide a fun, but useful way to end overbearing conversations in a polite and subtle way.

The Great Escape has a fair number of components. It has our Pebble parts, our server parts, and our website parts. I am particularly proud of what we did with the Pebble API for this project. We successfully used their API to display a custom clock based on the Boilermake hammer logo as well as managing to integrate the watch with both of the other parts of the project.

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