In April 2014, various stakeholders from SFU gathered to discuss major transportation challenges. After a series of prototyping ideas and through the dotmocracy voting process, all the participants agreed on a car stop idea. The idea tackles the issue where students living close to campus cannot get on the bus because it is full.

This is the humble prototype of go2gether's additional service. I will be participating in International Women's Hackathon and hacking together over the course of a day an MVP of this idea. I have the blessings of upper management, but I will deny everything during code review.


Target users:

  • Students
  • Faculty members
  • Staff

Key features:

  • SFU email authentication during signup
  • real-time notification between drivers and passengers
  • GPS detection to track drivers and passengers heading to campus
  • tinder-like swiping action from passengers to alert drivers
  • unsolved challenge: how can we instantly match drivers approaching passengers without them going on their phone?


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