Every day, one way or another we all see how refugees have been affected and how many countries are dealing with them. Sometimes, we may not get the big picture of all that is revolving around us. Hence, we felt the need to develop a project which empirically gives input to the user and puts that in context so the user knows.

What it does

This product analyzes a variety of sources such as GeoEconomic data, Freedom Indices, and the varying number of refugees over time, and represents that to the user in a manner that is easy for them to grasp quickly and to reset, and improve by the curators/heads of museums.

How we built it

We had 3 main ingredients: passion, interest, and React.JS.

Challenges we ran into

It was very tough to integrate between those languages but with the help of Google and mentors we were able to make it work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of giving the useful information in the popup format to the user so as to reduce their efforts and let them have an amazing experience

What we learned

We have learned to give more time to prepare for presentations and to do some more homework on the languages of choice.

What's next for The Global Movement

The future for The Global Movement is vast, but we plan to focus more on the unstructured data in the world such as News Articles, Videos, and Photos. Using Deep Learning, we plan to develop applications that can help the user gain a wider understanding than the structured world.

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