The Global Hack team, mentors, sponsors and all the awesome people are here to help YOU to bring Your most important idea to life.

What it does

The Global Hack is an online hackathon designed to share and rapidly develop ideas for urgently needed solutions in the face of the current crisis, as well as to build resilience post-pandemic. The Global Hack has already drawn attention across the globe - covered by Forbes, Silicon Republic, GovInsider among others - and brought on board a fleet of world-class mentors, such as Silicon Valley’s tech superstar Steve Jurvetson, former President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves and Chris Anderson - Head of TED.

How I built it

With an excitement to make an difference.

Challenges I ran into

Scaling the initiative globally!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Amount of awesome people who are helping this to happen!

What I learned

There is always more to do than done.

What's next for The Global Hack

Reach the World!

Built With

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