Create an account and log in to view pledges set by others. When you promise to complete a pledge and keep that promise, a donation is made to pledged charitable organization.


The idea was to create an application where users could encourage other people to do good things and thereby fulfill charity donations.

What it does

Donors create pledges to donate to charitable organizations. Users can promise to complete pledges. When a user completes a promise, a charge is added to a queue for later processing.

(Not implemented: During scheduled batch jobs, charges will be aggregated and sent to payment processors.)

How it's built

The application is powered by the Silex PHP framework using the Twig templating engine; data is stored in PostgreSQL. It lives on Heroku.

Challenges and learning

I haven't used PHP in a number of years, so there was some relearning and new learning. I learned to use the Silex PHP framework, which I found had some great similarities to Express for Node.js. I also learned PostgreSQL-flavored DDL and DML and I learned a little more about using Heroku.

Future implementation details and features

  • Payment processing using a payment gateway
  • Charity search
  • Bounty categorization and search
  • Create tasks for specific charities and seek sponsors
  • Recurring tasks
  • Work validation - for large bounties, donors can partner with local organizations to validate completed tasks

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