GIFs are cool, but they are also distinctly lacking in sound. We wanted to be able to have GIFs on demand, with awesome music to match.

How it works

When you click the "Make me a GIF" button, Giffical randomly picks a MIDI song - the songs (and song titles) were generated by running ambient sound through a neural network using Computoser. Giffical then selects a GIF to accompany the song, changing the playback speed of the GIF to match the BPM of the MIDI (GIF playback control was implemented using libgif-js),and combining all the elements in you web browser.

How our app works in AWS Our app lives entirely within AWS - we use Route 53 for DNS, and an Elastic Load Balancer plus EC2 instance to generate the MIDI tracks and serve the webpage to your browser. The domain name was provided by

What's next for The GIFfical: Random Musical GIFs

We want to turn Giffical into a fully auto-generated experience - to create the MIDI tracks on the fly based on input from the user's microphone, and to use the Giphy API to find GIFs and automatically perform speed adjustment based on BPM.

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