We are a team of women from the STEM field and we often feel left out and unheard because we are a minority. We wanted to come up with ways to increase women and gender minorities pursuing STEM degrees. Just like how carbon credits are bought and offset if industries make up for their carbon footprint. We created gequi credits. It is impossible for organizations to make sure that there is perfect gender equality in their institutions right away, we are trying to push them to organize gender intitiatives and train more of us to work in their field to offset the inequality in their workplace. This will eventually close the gap.

What it does

Our project attempts to implement smart contracts to keep track of gender inequality in organizations. We calculate gender inequality prevalent in each organization and the terms of the smart contract reward them with certificates if they do a good job in maintaining equality. Our front end gives an overview of gender inequality in each organization and highlights them if they have the gequi certificates. The gequi certificates are trustable because they have been verified on the blockchain. It was a decentralized process and no corruption could have been involved.

How we built it

We coded the contracts using solidity and deployed it into the test goerli network. The front end was built using react.

Challenges we ran into

We had to learn smart contracts from scratch. We were unable to integrate it with out front end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned an entirely new concept- Smart contracts and blockchain technology. We worked together as a team and came up with a solid idea that we are proud of.

What we learned

A lot about blockchain technology and how they can help in decentralization. A little bit of front end from "stack overflow"

What's next for The Gequi Project

Integrating it with the smart contract, figuring out a way to extract gender inequality related information from an organization.

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