We were inspired to create this app after Larry told us about his brother's tendency to go over his budget. Because of his extravagant habits, he is going broke. So, we decided to create this app to help him (and hopefully many others!) manage his through a fun and interactive interface.

What it does

Given a budget, MoneyTree creates a initial forest of trees to represent the user's current financial condition. The forest contains from 0-4 trees with the status of either healthy, unhealthy, dead, or a stump. This forest updates based on daily changes to the user's budget.

How we built it

We largely used flutter, a plug-in for Android Studio, and Flare, an online animation software, to create the features of the app. In flutter, we created the UI, budget calculations, and updating method. In Flare, we created the various animations for the app as well as the backgrounds.

Challenges we ran into

We faced numerous obstacles and bugs while created this app. In Flutter, passing data with stateful widget is really annoying and inheritance is quite confusing. In particular, flutter has asynchronous functions, magaging things with json and reading and writing is quite hard. Additionally, it took some difficulty for the software to install, which prevented all team members from using Flutter. Furthermore, due to the limited capacity of our animation software, we had to edit some images with online paintbrush tools and photo editing software.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're definitely proud of our final product and what we learned while creating it. We're proud of the animations we created, the challenges we overcame, and app we created.

What we learned

We learned how to use Flutter to make better apps that are compatible with Android and iOS, we learned how to implement animations that we created into Flutter, and most importantly, we developed our problem solving skills.

What's next for MoneyTree

In the future, we hope to add more features to MoneyTree, such as the ability to interact with other users, better rewards, and cooler animations.

Built With

  • dart
  • flutter
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