GBIF App Description

  1. This application has been designed specifically for the Ebbe Nielsen Challenge.
  2. The application is designed to work on all Android-based devices (recommended for 4.4 KitKat version).
  3. The Application introduces a new innovating way of exploring the GBIF database, in an intuitive and user friendly manner.
  4. The Application allows an easy approach to user to access core data of species, organizations, and observation occurrence locations, using search functions that are concentrated in a single location. The search results are accompanied by matching images taken from the GBIF references. This makes the application more fun to use.
  5. The application is GIS oriented and all the information regarding each topic is displayed to the user as a geographic layer that they can explore. Observation occurrences as documented by people are shown as markers on map, and the App enables users to "Read more" about the findings from the GBIF database (if a match was found with the scientific name).
  6. A from \ to year selection bar was designed and embedded in the project, so users will be able to observe migration and extinction patterns for different species.
  7. All smartphone users are target users, and the application should apply to everyone.
  8. The application is complete and works great. It was tested extensively on Galaxy S5.

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