Inspiration from an old game called Zelda, really famous and very high quality graphics compared to our game. It is the one game i always played on my sister's nintendo.

What it does

It runs a game that allows you to fight with a fireball spitting dragon.

How we built it

We used C# since it is the language I am mostly comfortable with, although we did try to use Python, ultimately it became too challenging. I have been using C# since 2014 so it is more comfortable for me.

Challenges we ran into

Setting the hitboxes for the characters for when the fireball hits. Making the loop statement so that the Form.cs keeps refreshing every millisecond. Creating the PNGs was difficult too specially with a group of 4, meaning like exchanging the pictures and all.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing the game but not being able to go further and creating a waiting screen. Basic functions work.

What we learned

Organization is the most important thing, because when we were programming we were having difficulty in finding different sections of the program. Also since it is our first program we did in group, and communication was hard specially using Github. So we gave up on Github.

What's next for The Game

More complex and moving projectiles for the character. Different levels would be cool too.

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