StartupBus is all about creating amazing companies in a very short period of time -- 72 hours, approximately. And these companies need marketing, users, and, especially, a kick ass product.

The game tracks these companies progress during the journey.

StartupBus is en route to Texas from 7 cities around North America


What is the StartupBus game?

You are an investor who must build the best possible portfolio to compete against all other investors for the best combination of teams from StartupBus. Your portfolio is measured by the scores of each of your teams. The success of a team in the game will act as a sort of tie breaker for the qualification round of the competition.

As a fantasy investor, you can directly impact the success or failure of your teams. This may be done using your custom short link referral tracking - we will track how much traffic, tweets, etc. you refer to each team and weight your score as needed based on your direct impact.

How does the team score work?

Teams have a score that is based on 'milestones' that they’ve reached, clicks they generated through their Team Short Link, and amount of investment they've received along with a few other factors that we’re not announcing to kept the calculations real.

I want to be an investor. How does this work?

Investors are given a starting balance of $5000 and every hour they get another $300. With these dollars, investors can 'invest' in any of the teams — the percentage of money they invest compared to the total investment the team has received forms the baseline of the investors score who gets a proportional share in the teams score.

The investor’s score is also impacted by percentage of a team's clicks they generate based on the short links to all teams, number of teams that have invested in, and how active they are (ie, someone who invests all their money gets activity bonuses).

So…what do I need to do to win?

Check into our daily StartupBus TV show for tips on how to get ahead in the game. The short answer is sent a lot of clicks, invest in a lot of teams, and make sure you invest in teams that are rising stars. But a lot of this information is not publicly available so dig around to find out what teams are working on or tune in every day on our show when we find out for you.

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