We were inspired to develop the application after walking by the NSA sponsor table! Neither one of us had any experience with hardware, but the flashy lights were enough to convince us to ditch our original idea of building an Android app...and dive into the wonderful world of hardware.

What it does

Addition8r is a game that uses LED light strips to keep track of the users score. In this simple game, the user gets to test their arithmetic skills and see their results shine in front of their eyes. Get at least six green lights to win the game!

How we built it

We connected the LED lights to a FadeCandy and developed the game on Python.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was finding the right software applications required to allow our program to communicate with the hardware. We tried several different languages and IDEs after finally deciding to use Python.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a final project for our first hackathon with very little computer programming experience. This was our first hack ever. After 19 hours of non-stop coding, we were ready to give up after spending all our time trying to find the right language and IDE. We persevered, and with the help of the amazing mentors we were able to finish our project and make a hack we are proud of!

What we learned

We learned that communication goes a long way in developing a program. Planning is important, but so are perseverance and good troubleshooting skills!

What's next for The Game

The next step will be to implement a more user-friendly interface that allows players to access the game remotely. We also plan on adding more arithmetic functions so children can use our app to hone their skills while having fun.

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