first implementation of Gaia Protocol with 2 Nodes construction (1 sensor device, 1 blockchain on laptop- connected to the Ethereum blockchain with Plasma construction)

Gaia Protocol Reference Implementation


Gaia Protocol enables the impact innovators of tomorrow to gain access and collect relevant data. By providing a turnkey IoT solution on top of a public decentralized data infrastructure.”


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Project Directory

Project Contains:

  1. gaia-iot-sdk: client SDK for IoT Devices.. In this first iteration we are using DHT-22 Temperature and Humidity sensor.
  2. gaia-poa-chain: a blockchain running on proof of authority validator
    • gaia-db: persistent on-disk database containing climate data
    • gaia-rootchain: Plasma smart contract to be deployed on Ethereum blockchain

for the sake of simplicity, current construction will include one datablob per 1 block, and each block will be processed in sequential order (First in, First out)


First, ensure that you have latest version of Node JS and NPM installed

Installing for Gaia Chain

  1. cd into gaia-poa-chain
  2. run npm install

Installing for Gaia Plasma Contract

  1. install truffle globally via npm install -g truffle
  2. install Ganache-cli globally via npm install -g ganache-cli

Installing for gaia-iot-sdk

First, make sure you have DHT22 already connected to a running raspberry pi

  1. you must first discover and replace the IP address of your Gaia Chain within the index.js file
  2. ssh into your pi and run npm install

Getting Started

Deploy Plasma Contract on Testnet Blockchain

  1. cd into gaia-rootchain directory
  2. Run ganache-cli --defaultBalanceEther 100000000
  3. Run following command to deploy the Plasma Contract truffle deploy

the Rootchain Contract should be deployed with an address shown on your console

Running the Gaia Chain

  1. cd into gaia-poa-chain
  2. start the chain up by running following command node gaia

You should now have the Proof of Authority blockchain started on port 3000

Running the Gaia IoT SDK


  1. cd into gaia-iot-sdk directory
  2. run sudo node submitData

Running simulated IoT Data

If you don't have an IoT device, you could the following command inside gaia-poa-chain: node simulate -- will simulate IoT streams of data from sdk

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