We, the consumers want the best in everything, be it a smart-watch, winter shoes or headphones. Or at times we debate what the greatest T.V. show, pokemon, or who has the best dunk in basketball. Sometimes, we look for the best social media pages in fashion, or memes or just dog pictures.

What it does

The G.O.A.T. is an all-in-one ranking system that has categories ranging from the best segway to the best pages for doodles on Instagram where the user shares what they feel the greatest is in that category. The platform counts the votes of multiple users in that category and ranks them to let its users know what is the greatest in the category. It's a platform by the users and for the users.

How I built it

GOAT is built in Angular with a backend of express. The google Firebase realtime db is used to provide realtime rankings, which could change heavily with big user base thus making Firebase realtime the best choice for the GOAT.

Challenges I ran into

We had only one developer on our team, thus finishing the project in such short time frame was a big issue, and looking into the integration with firebase and developing a Minimal Viable Product in the same time was a big challenge. For a team of 3 first time hackers and just 1 dev was no doubt an overwhelming but an amazing learning experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team comes from different academic backgrounds like statistics, biotech, engineering and computer science. After meeting for the first time and hacking for 6 hours, coming up with a good idea and a minimum viable product felt like a huge achievement. Our team's communication and perseverance allowed our idea to become a reality.

What we learned

Our team learnt to collaborate and build upon each other's idea to come up with a feasible and implementable solution to a simple problem. 2 of our group members have never pitched before, but they took upon the responsibility of pitching to build on those skills. Through good communication, an idea became a design and the design became code that is scalable!

What's next for The G.O.A.T.

G.O.A.T. is an extremely simple platform right now that can be added with many more features like taking user suggestions for search categories, allowing the user to search for the desired category, having 'today's greatest category pick's.

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