COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst of change on almost everything we knew. What we know as normal has already changed. The same thing can be said about spaces. Spaces have been changing due to technology. Offices are becoming more agile due to the new activities and capabilities brought by technology. And now, these changes are accelerating due to the pandemic. It has left me, as a designer, wondering "what will the future of workplaces be like?" Is it truly the end of offices? Can all or any organizations fully operate without a physical workplace?

What it does

Hybrid Office is a case study discussing what the future of workplaces would or should be like in order for organizations to continuously operate especially when an emergency arises (pandemic, typhoon, etc). This innovation will be breaking the norm of what "normal" offices are.

How I built it

The initiative was built mainly on research. There were a lot of aspects that needed to be considered -- feasibility, sustainability, function and user-wellness. After which, all these information were consolidated and carefully selected to come up with the case study. Space planning, proximity matrix, isometric diagram, renders, together with a comparative analysis of the "normal" set up were done to validate the proposal.

Challenges I ran into and accomplishments that I'm proud of

While doing this case study, some of the people I approached were hesitant with the idea and found it absurd, inefficient or impractical. However, upon completing the necessary information to backup the proposal (efficiency and use; comparative analysis), the very same people were convinced and got hooked with the idea.

What I learned

The world is getting more and more complex. There are a lot of elements that are interlaced and simultaneously affecting one another such as our Personalities, Activities, Spaces, Technology and Resources. All of which may seem independent with one another, but in reality, they are all inter-dependent. Every change in any of those aspects, creates a ripple of change that affects the others. I'm looking forward that this study would drop a positive impact in this sea of complexity.

What's next for The Future of Workplaces

Workplaces are not limited within offices alone. Workplaces for different individuals from different industries may vary and I'm quite excited to study their future as well. Aside from creating case studies and proposals, I'm also aiming to team up with developers to disrupt the new norm for real estate, and tech experts to create AI-enabled space planning assistants for these industries.

Built With

  • autocad
  • enscape
  • sketchup
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