Due to the current emergency situation that has been announced in lots of states around the globe we are facing the possible beginning of massive unemployment. Hundreds of thousands of people are already loosing their jobs and are desperate about their future. Different states around the world are trying to prevent this growing problem but in most cases the capacity of governmental programs (if there are such at all) are not capable of coping with that amount of unemployed people. The ones among us who are used to stay connected via digital communication will need to find different ways to find jobs, project etc. This is going to be a tuff time for everyone. But what do the ones do, who are not used to finding jobs through digital offers, like most of the people in, for instance, IT, tech- or design industries do?

There will be the biggest need to pick up and re-educate the people (we assume those to most often belong to older generations, approx. 45-60 y.o.) who are not used to digital portals, social media and digital communication in general and bring them into the competition among young generations. Give them the possibility to provide their own skills and contribute to the cohesion of the community they live in.

What it does

  1. first of all - in allows you to post possible gigs - something that needs to be done but you don't know how to do it. It could be everything - from translating papers, repairing the toilet seat, going to the supermarket and buying essential stuff to professional or bigger gigs like creating web application etc.

  2. It allows you to find and apply for gigs that you would like to help out with, according to your skills that you offer, knowledge that you possess or also you attached cv.

  3. It offers a skillset improvement sector, where you can educate yourself in the simplest but most useful topics nowadays like "how to install skype on your computer", "how to use a google account", "how to pay by a credit card online"

  4. It offers a network where you can meet new people, combine skills and even meet your potential new employer for the times when we start to recover from the crisis.

How we built it

the frontend is programmed with the JS library ReactJS. The frontend is connected to our backend server, which we program with the PHP-based library Laravel. Our backend accesses the database, which we program via Firebase. The advantage of Firebase is that it is safe, easy to use and flexible in its nature. These 3 components make it possible to program a fast and stable app that can be used by thousands of users at the same time.

Challenges we ran into

the biggest challenge that we're facing is the target group related functionality. We are building a web application that needs to be simple, understandable but also be able to offer the needed variety of features in order to be a helpful tool for the older society. UI and UX will need to be based on different values as "common" understanding requires it to be. Structure and functions will need to be adjusted a target group that hasn't been addressed too often digitally.

since we are a quite small team, we also find ourselves challenged by all the amount of work we will need to do on our own when it comes to testing phase, debugging and launch process. We will need more support fir that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

by now would be the first step - having understood the seriousness of problem of upcoming unemployment as well as adjusted our workflow and team spirit to the current situation

What's next for The future-feature Gig App

  1. creating prototype
  2. programming a demo
  3. collect feedback of the target group / testing

once we get there, we will move on to the pitching processes

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