Everyone is curious about the future. At the same time, It makes me think that I want to make a platformer to "Tour" the future.

What it does

It is a platformer, so it is a game that requires you to control your character to beat levels.

How we built it

First off, I used a tutorial to make the collision, velocity, and Gravity. Then, I added levels and a floating platform that you can use once each level.

Challenges we ran into

Sometimes I have to adjust things. Levels, Side Speed, Gravity, Velocity, Floating Platforms, and so on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is my first "proper" platformer. It is a great thing to think of.

What we learned

I learned that you have to work hard to do things that you can't do. Nothing is impossible.

What's next for |The Future| A Platformer|

I am going to use this to make more (Advanced) Games and Platformers.

Built With

  • scratch
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