The Furniture Store

Next Level Digital Signage supported by 3D models and Augmented Reality Application


As per wikipedia link over 200 different companies worldwide market digital signage solutions and the number is still consistently growing. With the influx of digital signage providers, the digital signage market is expected to grow upward to $21.92 Billion USD by 2020, with a CAGR of 8.04% from 2015 to 2020. Using AWS Sumerian a digital signage with dynamic content which can be updated over the web , providing latest updates for the products, instant updates on the offers can be provided. Considering the industry segment for the Home and office furniture , A digital signage is required which can provide 3D models, customised offers and instant purchasing options by just scanning the digital signage. In this project I have tried to provide a digital signage with latest features which can attract users in the shop or showrooms and will be attractive in look n feel also. thanks to the multiple features provided by Amazon Sumerian

What it does

The Furniture Store is Sumerian and AR based Digital Signage for a dummy company called ' The Furniture Store' Following are the main features:

Highly Dynamic Content

can be updated using the AWS Sumerian. and interface is provided with AWS S3 to provide latest product images and designs

3D Models of the Product

3D models from Sumerian Assets are used to integrate in the screen. State machines and scripts are used to display and rotate the models

AR Application For Real Time Experience

ARCore application has been provided, using which user can scan the QR Code of the products provided on the screen. Seller can integrate the offer code also in the QR Code which can be customised as per the user login. Once the QR Code is scanned in the Mobile Application , models shall be available in the App so that user can place it in the real world to have a real time experience and find the suitability of color, size and design of the products. Further.

Product Advertising API link

Product advertising API frame has been linked with the QR Code. So when a code is matched with the product , related html iframe shall be available inside the mobile app , this frame is associated with Amazon Product Advertising API, by using the link a user can decide to purchase the product and it will benefit to the Associate also. Customised offer can be provided using this link with respect to the user accounts if user step-in at a perticular store and scan the QR Code.

Open Weather Map Widget

Just to attract the customers a widget from is integrated in a html 3D element, to provide city's weather update and forecast. Some other widget e.g. stock market upgrade, Currency rates or news headlines can also be used in this corner to make the digital sign more attractive.

How I built it

This Next-Level AR enabled Digital Signage is based on AWS Sumerian. To link with Amazon website and Amazon associate program , models from Amazon assets ( available with ASIN ) have been used. QR code of six products are used. Product naming is done such that the script will not get affected if any product model is replaced or updated.
To provide AR features , an ARCore based android application has been developed using Android Studio. QR Code Images are integrated in themobile app so that images are registered in app. THerefore for this project we have 2 Sumerian scenes 1-THe Furniture Store ( Contains Digital Signage) 2-Furniture-Store-AR ( To ingetrate with ARCore mpobile application)

Each QR Image is linked with Amazon Associate Widget , this widget has been created using Amazon Associate SiteStripe for the models availabe with ASIN ( Amazon Standard Identification Number) . When user scan the QR Code available on the Screen using mobile app, Amazon widget becomes visible on mobile app and also 3D model appears. Now using DOM Events this model can be rotated, resized or moved so that user can place the model in real world to have best experience about look and fit of the product. If user likes it user can purchase the product instantly using the Associate link provided in the mobile app.

Challenges I ran into

Finding suitable models has always been a tough task , designing of signage, time synchronization to move the models on the screen was complex but was achieved using state machines. Toughest part is to implement DOM Event Handlers for single and multi touch events. Scripts has been used to rotate, scale and move the model using single touch and double touch events. Debugging of events in android app is also a challenge in absence of remote debugging ( was not working for me :( )

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First time I created AR application. I am very satisfied to launch and move 3D models in the real world. Also through this application I create my account of Amazon Associate Program.

What I learned

Learned everything for this app starting from AWS Sumerian, ARCore, Touch Event Handlers,

What's next for The Furniture Store

Have to integrate with Facebook pages and application , also How this project can be utilised for other products e.g., books , gaming etc. Customised offers linking to be implemented in app. Also AR Mobile app to be enriched to have more product categories.

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