The constant posting on our friend's Instagram of frogs, these pictures includes inspiring quotes which inspired us to make a game to figuratively face all our fears.

What it does

A puzzle game to tease the brain and figurately "Cross the River" of fear and inability

How we built it

Developed in Unity with C# and Graphics designed in photoshop

Challenges we ran into

Keeping the process of creation easily organized. It quickly became a mess as we struggle to learn what we still needed to do and accomplish. We use the use of sharing files in google and sharing screens in discord to help keep up with our files. Another challenged we faced was overcoming the online barrier. As mentioned above, sharing files took time and easily became cluttered. Communication was slow, and as for the editing on our project went, discord did a great job with screen sharing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The puzzle switch. A difficult problem to code into unity that enables and disables more than one object at a time. With out this simple switch the puzzles for the future can't be nearly as difficult, challenging and important to the building of mental comprehension and the figurative meaning of over coming obstacles.

What we learned

We learned how to use Photoshop to create sprites and animations within Unity. We also learned the most important skill of splitting the task and between us in a coherent group and working as a great successful teammate.

What's next for The Frog Who Couldn't Swim

More levels, and the inevitable ending of the Frog overcoming his fears of the water and the user/player completing the hard puzzles to teach them that with great perseverance allows anyone to overcome anything that stands in his way.

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