Cooking can be a struggle without the right tools and the right ingredients. This is where the conception of the Fridged Pantry was born. From hearing stories from university students who eat chickpeas right out of the can for a whole year, our web app aims to give balanced meals to our users. We give users the freedom to make a meal out of minimal amount of ingredients.

What it does

With a quick search of ingredients and an account to make it personal, the Fridged Pantry can help you make food with whatever limited ingredients you may have.

How we built it

To design the interface in the front end, we used bootstrap, CSS, HTML, and javascript. Google Firebase, node,js, and the food2fork API hold it together.

Challenges We ran into

  • When registering the domain name, we were charged a fee despite using it for the hackathon, and we then had to cancel the service.

  • We didn't realize that to integrate APIs outside of google, we needed to pay a fee which was not an option for us. Due to this last minute problem, we have to demo both part of the app separately.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We challenged ourselves to learn new things these past three days. We've have had no previous experience with Google Firebase, bootstrap, and APIs in general.

  • From the webdev workshops we attended, we were able to learn the basics of web design and create a sophisticated looking interface.

What We learned

  • Everything applied today in our web app is built off of new knowledge we gained over the weekend; we did not use familiar methods and instead sought more efficient and sophisticated means.

What's next for Fridged Pantry

  • There are features we wanted to add to the web app, but were not able to accomplish due to the amount of new technology we had to learn.

  • In the future, the account system will be used not only to create a list of users' favourite recipes, but also to create more relevant results through tracking user preferences and dietary needs.

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