Amidst a global pandemic, we recognize that many people are facing extreme fear, loneliness, anxiety and depression. Especially in the face of social injustice and chaos, we want to recognize the fact that people of color and minorities in particular, are hit the hardest. That is why we want to focus on mental health, providing a place where people can find some interesting songs, quotes or activities to do that will hopefully provide solace and encouragement to face the challenges of our daily lives.

What it does

This website allows users to either select their emotions from the choices given or detect their emotions from the face camera, and then recommend songs and a sample to listen to. It also matches quotes and activities that one can do to help with their emotions. We also included a resources page so that users can reach out to other sources for more help.

How we built it

We use several different APIs for song, quote and activity recommendation. We also use an emotion API that can detect user's emotion from their facial expression. We use NodeJS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, etc. to display and render appropriate pages, songs and suggestions.

Challenges we ran into

We face a lot of challenges particularly in the front end framework as we are not very well verse with styling. We also have problems with capturing user face from their device camera at first.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of developing this prototype from our idea to tackle mental health in less than a day. We are proud that is does basic functionality and hopefully can help someone struggling right now.

What we learned

We have learn a lot of basic stylings, working and collaboration as a team and also new tools such as Figma.

What's next for The Frame Of Mind

We plan to add even more functionality such as a motivational/goal board and also a chat function where users can upload their achievements/motivations while also taking inspiration from others. They can also meet people who face similar struggles and help to build each other up. We also hope to have a fundraising tool to fundraise for causes that supports mental health.

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