The Forex Challenge App allows you to pretend to play the 7 major Foreign Exchange rates every day! Each day we hold a game allowing you to vote on which exchanges will be up or down at tomorrow's closing bell in New York. After the close we use FXCM's Forex Connect API's official ask prices and compare it to your guesses. You will be scored on whether you guessed the trend (i.e. up & down) and how close your guess was to the actually. Its fun, and easy.

When making your guesses Forex Challenge App uses real time quotes form FXCM's Forex Connect API to give you yesterday's quote (the "was") & a real time quote (the "is") so you can be informed on the current trends.

We think this came can be used not only as a fun game but as an educational tool to give the average person a grasp on the subtleties in the changing Foreign Exchange Market.

We plan on having lots more features including leader boards on iOS GameCenter and a full blown website so you can brag to your friends who is the champion at guessing the Foreign Exchange Trends.

Currently available on iOS 5.0 and higher devices.

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