We wanted to make a relevant and fun app that people would enjoy using, which is how we came up with the Star Wars theme. (We also wanted to prove that Gabriela likes Kylo Ren more than Finn). We're also all interested in hardware and thought it would be really cool to learn how to use a pulse sensor. Since this is our first hackathon, we wanted to build a simple project that works end-to-end, and we wanted have fun by going for the humor route.

What it does

Using a pulse sensor and an Arduino, we have designed a quiz to reveal your Star Wars soulmate. As the user, you wear a small pulse sensor around your fingertip while looking at photos of different characters from the recent movie Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. For each displayed image, the pulse sensor takes a certain number of samples and records the highest value. At the end, the character whose photo generated the quickest pulse - the most excitement! - is displayed as your romantic match.

How we built it

1) Developed Arduino algorithm with serial pulse sensor to determine an accurate heart rate reading. 2) Built interface for hardware-to-server communication with node.js websockets and customized modules. 3) Designed responsive experiment interface in bootstrap to display pictures while communicating with the heart-rate server's feed. 4) Determined winning preference based on baseline and peak comparisons.

Challenges and Accomplishments

While our team was somewhat comfortable with low-level Arduino control, we had never worked with the serial pulse sensor before nor did we have much web development experience. The crash course in node.js, websockets, and html templating was our biggest challenge, but also our most proud accomplishment. We're also really excited to have built a hardware-based online quiz, which to our knowledge does not exist on the internet today.

What's next for The Force Awakens: Matchmaking with a Pulse Sensor

Our longterm vision for this project is to make it more useful by integrating it with tinder to pair you with real app users. Instead of simply picking from a host of potential matches (or crushes), we would slightly tweak our analytics to decide if you should swipe right or left on each individual as you look at their photo. We could even swipe for you automatically!

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