The coronavirus is breaking the global food supply chain. WTO expects global trade to plunge up to 32% because of Covid-19. It is hard for retailers and foodservice to source products. Noodles and rice are highly affected. SME manufacturers are struggling to find clients overseas. Export is suffering. Unemployment with importers and distributors is rising to 50 percent.

  • All tradeshows have been cancellled
  • Google only provides basic info
  • Email is highly ineffective

What it does

You see, no easy way exists to get a fast, relevant and specific quotation. Price and lead times are important concerns for international professional food buyers and distributors. But there is more than that. You also need info on the concentration of suppliers, risk and food safety, Antoine Dupont of international sourcing at Woolworths, one of the largest retailers in Asia-Pacific told me. Usually, buyers travel to tradeshows. These are physical events and expensive to explore and disconnected from search engines. Emailing and spreadsheets are highly ineffective work tools. Google provides basic info only, but nothing on quality

Imagine that The FoodJockey guarantees: Save time - you get quotation and production lead times within 24 hours. Save money - no travel needed and labour is reduced by 90% Streamline - the solution is accessible 24/7 and guarantees to ship within 2 months

How we are building it

We worked with 8 people on a demand-platform based on Salesforce Communities and Weebly. We started by drafting a very detailed user journey and made a mock. We have built and continue building an on-demand platform for international professional food buyers and sellers. Buyers can source food or enter calls for tenders. Manufacturers can showcase their products or join a tender. Our frontend developer dropped out. This put us in a hard position. The team stuck together till the end. We worked literally around the clock from New Zealand to Pakistan and Europe. Full night shifts around the globe.

What's next for The FoodJockey

Yes, a core group has emerged and we will continue regardless of the hackaton result.

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