While staying at home, people are constantly affected by boredom and caged in by everyday social media that prioritizes creating a “preference bubble” for users. Because of this bubble, users rarely see new content, and are forced to see the same repetitive content daily and are unable to find new hobbies unless the people around them practice it.

In the 1930s, traveling carnivals were extremely popular. Usually going on trains or caravans, they provided entertainment and showcase unique skills built off of hobbies or pure genetics that allowed them to do certain things. The growth in the carnival market was attributed to the flair that traveling carnivals had, and how their ability to showcase these skills inspired others to do the same.

What it does

“Flying Caravan" is a space where everyday people can showcase their hobbies and personal skills to others for “tickets”. Tickets are used to then to “visit” other people’s showcases, creating a cycle of learning. For many, it’s hard to learn new skills because the market purely prioritizes money. Instead, Flying Caravan creates a sense of community as people directly connect with one another instead of through the website’s host or social media platform.

How I built it

The first thing we did was draft ideas for the concept- we wanted the traveling carnival theme to stick throughout so we included fun and wacky colors, vintage photos, and ran with the circus-like design. The UI took about two hours to sketch and revise, whereas the rest of our time was put into how we could showcase how it was different than other learning platforms such as Udemy. I, Yasamean, took over the front-end development and any revisions to the design, and Fiona my teammate took over UX and other such features. It was completely made of HTML and CSS.

Challenges I ran into

We were sadly not able to use as a web host for our domain in time so we had to stick with using as our main website. For the front-end, formatting the divs and search bar, as well as creating a gallery page (which we didn't get to) became time consuming and some of the above became scrapped ideas as a result.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The UI Design for the website! We implemented a lot of time into finding colors, vintage carnival and circus designs, and overall made our landing page as visually appealing as possible.

What I learned

This was my first time attempting to use a bought domain! Although the CNAME didn't link in time, the process of using something other than the website host was a great learning experience.

What's next for The Flying Caravan

Implementing databases and AR/VR so users can see what it would be like to play instruments or do certain expensive hobbies at home.

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