I created this game based on one of my favorite TV shows: Vikings. I'm happy to actually get started on this as it was one of my first project ideas.

What it does

This is a simple text-based choose your own adventure type game.

How we built it

This game is made entirely using Python 3

Challenges we ran into

I had a hard time coming up with options while also not going down a rabbit hole of making it too big. I also ran into some bugs that took me a bit to figure out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm really happy with what I've put out here. I'm proud to have a finished product.

What we learned

I learned to debug and do tests runs more often. As well as plan it out well at in advance, rather than scrambling last minute.

What's next for The Flow of the Aesir

This is most definitely a great first step. I plan on fleshing out the game even more and eventually adding graphics/art/user interface.

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