We wanted to bring back the customers to the shops.

What it does

It connects the brand with its customers. It add the fun in shopping.

How I built it

We created :

  • a booth composed of a screen, a beacon and a
  • a mobile app -- using the commercetools API to provide product listing + cart -- Using estimote SDK to provide geolocalisation
  • an API with golang

The screen is showing a countdown, either the time until next flash sales or the time remaining in the current flash sale. Near the screen we have a beacon to geolocalise the users. when a user goes into the range of the beacon and press the button, he'll get a discount on the current product shown on the screen.

The discount is automatically applied to his account without any action. When going to the cash register the customer is recognized with his mobile and the discount is applied when entering the order in the system.

The mobile application is showing a list of product and is scanning the nearby beacons. When one of our beacon is nearby the mobile app is sending this information "customer near by beacon X" to our API.

The button is linked to our API, when it's pressed it's sending the information to our API.

The API is recording "button pressed" events and "customer near by beacon" events and does the matching. If a customer was near by when a button is pressed, a discount is added to his account.

Challenges I ran into

  • Estimote SDK
  • Android programming
  • Finding a good idea

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Team building
  • Brainstorming
  • we got a prototype done

What I learned

The possibilities of beacons are amazing, they can be used for many purpose.

What's next for the flash

Throw away the prototype, maybe build a real product out of it ?

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