Click an animal to use it!

to create your own animal, follow these steps!

  1. Click "Draw New Animals Here"
  2. Use Piskel to draw and animate your animal
  3. Once you're done, click the EXPORT option on the side of pixlr (it looks like mountains and a sun)
  4. Click "Upload" then copy the yellow link
  5. Paste the yellow link into the text box in our app, and click "Add an Animal"
  6. Scroll the the bottom, and click your animal to select it!
  7. You successfully created an abomination!


We were inspired by memes, virtual pets, and retro video game sprites.

What it does

You create and play with little animals, feed them, and raise that score!

How we built it

We used glitch as our online collaborative IDE, and using flask we set up a website that used p5.js to draw our pixel babies to the screen. You can even add your own using the sprite editor we used online!

Challenges we ran into

Starting out with a lot of ideas, we had to narrow down our focus. We started with much more central and practical ideas, but in the end, we just wanted to have fun!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our sprite art, many of them actually drawn by us during our Hackathon time!

What we learned

We learned how to set up flask online, maneuver glitch, and write JavaScript to manipulate the dom. Not to mention our new experience with pixel art animations!

What's next for The Fizzle Fairies Menagerie of Funky Retro Carnivores

We're contemplating a server-side storage of the animals people create, that way you can play with anyone's animals and share them online! We would also like to let people play with their animals together using client to client network communication through our flask server.

To use the chrome extension

  1. Unzip the fizzleExtension
  2. go to chrome://extensions
  3. enable developer mode
  4. Import the fizzleExtension unzipped folder
  5. Enjoy your pet sitting on your stuff (you can't click it when he does that!) as he follows you around the internet! (Your score is now printed into the console)

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