Executive Summary

The STEM fields are known for their rapid scientific progression, yet it seemingly bottlenecks its advancement by limiting the potential of gender minorities in society. The gender bias, male-dominated culture, and lack of diverse role models in the STEM industry perpetuate the inequity experienced by women and queerfolk and the gender gap prevalent in the field. As a result, it causes, among other things, their declining interest in STEM education and the lack of STEM employment prospects. It is thus essential to adopt a multifaceted strategy to address the presented issue by harnessing technology and involving stakeholders to address the STEM gender gap and empower learning. The Five E’s in STEM Policy will accordingly provide a 5E framework — excel, ease, educate, equip, empower — in its innovation and initiative to ensure its effectiveness in diminishing the inequality of gender minorities in the STEM field.

With this policy, we can help fix the gender gap and empower the youth to be the next scientists, engineers, doctors, and researchers of tomorrow.

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