Celebrities and fans today face a problem: its hard to communicate. Fans love to ask celebrities questions, hear their personal stories, and find out about their current endeavors. There are existing platforms, but they all have problems: Twitter is a firehose, Reddit has a giant barrier to entry, and Formspring is abandoned.

To solve these issues, we present a twist on the classic fireside chats for the modern era. The Fireside is a platform that enables celebrities to host Fireside Sessions, which aggregate tweets and fans around a common hashtag for quick response and easy engagement. Fans can tweet questions to the celebrity, and The Fireside aggregates them based on likes and favorites, so that a celebrity can see at a glance the questions that are most desirable to their audience. The dead-simple intuitive interface means the celebrity can spend their time interacting with fans, who are already following them on Twitter by the millions, rather than learning the arcana of how to effectively use a website. It also enables them to engage with fans on their time, across a medium everyone is familiar with.

The best perk of The Fireside, beyond its beautiful interface and slick functionality, is its tying-in with Twitter. Every question and answer sent via The Fireside is a fully-featured tweet. The hashtag used in the Fireside Session helps to create a trend on Twitter, and creates an organization to the questions being asked that The Fireside can use to aggregate these tweets. This means that when the Fireside Session is over, not only will the Q&A be archived on The Fireside, but all questions and answers will be available for browsing on Twitter as well.

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