An overwhelming proportion of teens pursue their dreams, as often advised, but often fall into the pitfall of student debt and lack of financial knowledge. This lack of financial knowledge stems from their "busy" lifestyle. We were inspired to create a technological automated financial chrome extension because it would not only alleviate the stress that is usually associated with personal finance and financial planning by college students and adults alike, but it will also provide a convenient platform for students and adults to be aware of their financial status every time they open a new tab.

What it does

The Financial Oracle allows users to receive real-time solutions based on their current financial situations just by opening a new tab. It also provides a convenient exposure to stocks of highly reputed companies for future stock trading.

How we built it

We used a machine learning algorithm using Microsoft Azure which takes the financial information of users that get converted into real-time solutions to solve their financial issues or perhaps be given suggestions to manage their money better. For the UI, we built the app on HTML with functions written in JavaScript. The app was then converted into a Chrome extension.

Challenges we ran into

One of the hardest challenges we ran into was trying to figure out the evaluation model for the machine-learning analytic approach. From using decision trees to clustering algorithms, we tried to logically attempt to solve the algorithm with suitable financial solutions based on the type of user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-The fact that we were able to surpass and successfully solve the dilemma of getting a suitable evaluation model.

  • We were also proud of the fact that we successfully completed our idea to fruition.

What we learned

We learned the concept of machine-learning and its several platforms. We also learned the importance of Javascript, HTML5, and CSS.

What's next for The Finance Oracle

Hopefully, we will be able to successfully start a start-up company with this software and pursue our interests in this field.

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