Reddit April Fools 2015

What it does

It allows one to work together with an online anonymous community to keep a website running. Even when there is almost no purpose, it shows that we can band together over even the most mundane things.

How we built it

Created a basic MS Paint sketch, using tables to create an attractive GUI. From there, we used some pre-built Bootstrap and some CSS tweaks to bring our art to life. Using Web Sockets and Node.js, with which we had no previous experience, we constructed a chatroom and server-side countdown timer.

Challenges we ran into

-Difficulties with collaboration through -Understanding the new languages and technology.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Server-Side countdown timer -Learning/interpreting new languages and methods

What we learned

-It's difficult to do real-time collaborative programming -How to use node.js and WebSockets -How easy it is to make vulnerabilities on a website.

What's next for The Final Down-Count

-Accounts, databases -Scripting protection

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