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Unique system of intelligently managed ultraviolet lighting designed to kill viruses, bacteria and germs in public spaces. The basic idea is that this system ensures automatic, intelligent, continuous non obstructing disinfection and destruction of viruses using UVC light spectrum rays.

The main building blocks of this intelligent space disinfection system are specially constructed UVC hybrid LED lamps that can illuminate indoor spaces, during the allowed period, with dispersive ultraviolet light until there are no people inside. The advantage of such a stable system, over the existing mobile ones, is that they do not interfere with anyone's work, it is completely invisible and automated, so it cannot happen that the disinfection process is not carried out on regular basis. By mass production and use, this system will become inexpensive and will be affordable by anyone who needs it.

UV luminaires can be designed as general lighting hybrid luminaires that incorporate LED modules that emit UVC spectra, or as independent light fixtures that can be switched on when space sterilization is required. The lamps that radiate UVC light can be aesthetically pleasingly integrated into existing standard indoor lighting, and they have huge commercial potential in the lighting industry. The scope of such lighting systems is enormous and can represent significant business potential in the light of new dangers and challenges that have arisen over us.

An efficient light management and control system based on intelligent sensors and software controls would allow continuous disinfection of space, depending on the needs and frequency of use and stay of people in them. The system is applicable in many areas of human activity such as: hospitals, kinder gardens, nursing homes, schools, public transportation, airplanes, public institutions, hotels and hotel rooms, public areas, grocery stores, swimming pools, wellness centers, gymnastics rooms and many others, in other words all areas where people often stay, and the possibilities of ventilation and other methods of disinfection are impractical or limited.

With the development of affordable high-tech LED UVC light sources, it is possible to make lamps that operate on the same principle as the widely present LED lighting. Currently quite expensive and inaccessible UV LEDs could become affordable through this project and their massive use given the huge global market. A similar process of development and lowering of the initially high prices has undergone and the development of today's widespread white LED lighting.

Recent research has found that sunlight or UV rays rapidly kill corona viruses in aerosols. On the other hand, it has been observed that the presence of viruses in aerosols can last for days, depending on the area where they are retained. We are convinced that widespread use of this type of general lighting would significantly reduce the possibility of disease transmission and infection with dangerous viruses such as the current COVID-19.

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