We want something fun - interactive and surprising, and something we can share with other people.

What it does

Peaceful Farm is an augmented reality photo filter with a twist. Users can plant fun objects in the environment and take creative photos which they can save to their phones. It is a webapp, so no app downloads are necessary.

How I built it

We used 8th wall, html and modified documented code to implement Peaceful Farm.

Challenges I ran into

We are completely new to AR and faced difficulty in animation, learning the syntax and integrating the parts in a very short time. A lot of things were done through trial and error, and exploration.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learnt a lot about AR, honed our programming skills and built something fun that we can share with our friends!

What I learned

Learning how to learn effectively, and how to be creative

What's next for the farm

Adding in animations into the 3d objects and enabling users to throw the object in 3D space. Manipulation of objects. More interactive features.

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