Story The story behind the app is that due to the strenuous work that I was facing ,I couldn't talk to friends and relatives and thus felt like being kept out in the dark during friends/family gatherings.It was about time that i set this out correct,during which this idea of a family app flashed to my mind.

Inspiration The inspiration comes from millions of people working in the IT sector who face a tough time managing time betweens work,friends and family.By using this app,they can keep tabs on their family and friends as well as save a copy of their family tree.

Target user The target user is everyone who will be knowing how to use computer as well as the internet,Since everyone has friends and family whom they would like to connect.

Key features The key features of this app is 1:Instant updation and deletion of friends along with their posts/comments. 2.Add the persons as friends and get to know them by posting about them 3.Build your family tree by including your ancestral relations and save a copy of it on the database,ensuring it stays safe 4.Share your family tree with others,hopefully you will find the relations which might have been hidden by looking at your ancestors 5.Search users by their location and last name for easy sorting 6.Remove users from your list incase of accidental inclusion

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