Milestone 1: The goal of Oculus is to create immersive, virtual-reality technology that is wearable and affordable. To emulate actual sight, eye tracking needs to be considered. When looking at objects in real life, one can move their eyes in order to see more of their surroundings. The oculus rift does not respond to this type of input. The aim of this project is to create system that allows a user’s eyes to be tracked with the rift on.

Cameras are the most common way of eye tracking. The camera is put in front of the user to track the movement of the eyes through image processing. This method has two key downfalls. The first of which is that it partially impedes the user’s vision. The second is that this only works if the user’s eyes are in full view of the camera, which will be troublesome when the user wears an oculus rift. Fortunately, better methods exist for eye tracking.

Electromyography (EMG) is a technique for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. I plan on creating an EMG circuit that will read in electrical signals created by the user’s eye movements. Electrodes will be attached to the user's face at the temples to measure these signals. Ergonomically, these probes will be as comfortable, if not more so, than the Rift.

Milestone 2: Currently, parts are being delivered. Once the circuit components are here I will create the circuit and upload a video of it working.

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