A trojan horse that infects windows computers to dirupt the financial world

What the Exploit Does

1.)The XSS part of the Exploit downloads the rest of the Malware 2.)Sends a copy of the malicious link to all of the users contacts 3.)Makes the infected device part of a botnet 4.)Withdraws money from the bank every time they visit the site 5.)Eventually DDoS attack is launched taking down the website

Making the Exploit

1.)We brainstormed an idea for what we wanted to make, and then got a mentor's help and got advice on how to start 2.)We used Metasploit: MSFvenom as our framework 3.)With a couple hours of work and another mentors help, we finally created a crude proto type of our idea 4.)We made a website and created a link that downloads the virus onto their computer when clicked

Built With

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