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The event ticket industry (concerts, shows, sporting) contains countless cases of fraud, scammers and middlemen trying to flip tickets to make a profit. Who are you to trust? Users face great stress and uncertainty when purchasing tickets from third party distributors. By enabling consumers to attend a concert or a sports game with confidence in the validity of their tickets, you allow them to have peace of mind. This led the Event Team to think of a way to curate a safe and legitimate way of transacting event tickets from the main source and third party sellers. The solution to this problem is a decentralized, immutable ticketing system deployed on the blockchain. This is in order to track legitimate transactions and tickets for the events who choose to employ our resources for ticketing purposes for increased confidence in the validity of their tickets.

What it does

Allows users a safe and validated way to purchase tickets from the original seller and transfer validated event tickets in a peer to peer transaction.

How we built it

Backend in Solidity Frontend in ... lets just hope we get there.

Challenges we ran into

Frontend development, as I have never tried to make the front end to an application. First timer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Backend solidity code. I believe that it has full functionality for all of our use cases and as a non-CS major, I am very proud that I was able to whip it up.

What we learned

Im not half bad at writing the back end to programs and it is super important to write out your plan before just typing code! Also learned that Frontend work is tricky, or I just dont understand it yet!

What's next for The Event

Nice frontend website with user interaction and I would also like to get more specific tickets through NFTs.

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posted an update


When watching the demo, please note that when I switch from address to address, this is simply "role playing" for multiple users who would be using the smart contract.

This I use the first address to deploy the contract and set them as a "Creator", one who is able to publish new events.

I then use the second user address as a Registered User to the application. This will allow them the functionality of purchasing tickets and transferring them to other addresses (accounts)

Thank you for taking the time to judge my project for UB Hacking 2021!

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