The inspiration I had for this game was three years ago, when I developed the first version of this game. I made it through RPG Maker by Degica. This game title was inspired through my parents, and an old friend of mine. Without those people, this project wouldn't have been possible. My parents had hardships growing up. One of them was being in Mexico. They wanted to improve their life. This game is my message to those communities that do not understand why

What it does

It's a game that tells the story of an immigrant family, looking for a better life.

How I built it

I used python to code it.

Challenges I ran into

many times I tried to do loops, but those went continuous. Other errors popped up, but the fact It took a while to fix those errors made it time consuming for the game to be done.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I recreated an RPG I originally made, all in a pure text game without using graphics

What I learned

I learned how to fix the while loop errors and how to properly manage them

What's next for The Escape to Freedom

I plan to fix it, improve it and export it into other languages. Maybe i can make it better. Afterwards, i might release it to the public.

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