The endless maze of Cath. Notre Dame was inspired by the feeling of lost shared between us three developers embarking on our first ever hackathon at HackSC. With limited skill sets, we tried to find our feelings within an 8 bit classic setting. This game is targeted toward those who feel similar feelings. From the very start, players find themselves on their own, stuck on a floor with ghosts and doors in pairs. Your only friend in this game would be that soulless closet which leads nowhere and is completely lifeless unless you stand in it. What furthers this feeling is that when you journey your way up the cathedral, the scene repeats itself. Every floor gets worse as the player realizes that they are stuck in an endless cycle which seems to get nowhere. All these build up to the discovery of that final exit whereby players feel a rush of gratification, fulfillment and relief as they find that even in such a horrible setting, there is still a way to victory. As a team, we are proud of the simple yet classical nature of this game. We believe we successfully produced a game which emphasizes less on the design but focuses more on that one unchanging objective of achieving victory.

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