We both are in a generation where if you do not wear trendy clothes, you are assumed "not cool". We wanted to show that either way, you are still awesome. The two of us wanted to show this in a similar way of wars. They might start deadly, but they eventually end.

What it does

We provided 5 books and movies/series about wars, and a seperate page with a "trendy" game about how trends end.

How we built it

We used html on replit, with a css stylesheet fo colors and designs. On the website, there is a Scratch game.

Challenges we ran into

On the Scratch, it was difficult to insert the picture of the old trend. On the website, the navigation bar was hard to add.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing the Scratch game in time, designing the color of the navigation bar.

What we learned

How to make a Scratch Flappy-Bird game, and how to add a photo to Replit websites.

What's next for The End

In the future, we might add another Scratch game, and more movies & books.

Built With

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