The Egyptian International Foundation for Human Resources Development is based on thought, vision and a message of a special nature, where the team was formed to combine the spirit of youth with the experience of adults, thus ensuring that visions and ideas keep pace with modernity and development, but at the same time it is bounded by a deep vision of experts in the field of training The Foundation aims to provide the usual training services, but in a modern modern style, which mixes theoretical training inlaid with professional and practical applications. The Foundation is mainly based on qualifying the trainees to the labor market after providing them with all the scientific and theoretical material they need that weighs their knowledge before going into the practical and applied side.

We are in the Egyptian International Foundation for Human Resources Development, we set the goals, vision and message for which the Foundation has always focused our eyes, so that the profit, gain and loss equation will never overshadow our strategic vision, which crystallizes in the desire to manage the sure institution with the help of every trainee who needs to rehabilitate himself and develop his capabilities To become an addition to the labor market so that it does not burden him.

We, at the Egyptian International Foundation for Human Resources Development, always strive to provide the necessary societal support, whereby the foundation fulfills its duty towards society by offering free professional workshops without restrictions or conditions, with the aim of carrying out our social duty towards the country in which we live, so the vision and mission of the institution cannot be achieved from Without carrying out support and assistance to the community.

The ambitions of the Foundation’s management do not stop at providing training services in various fields only, as we also strive here to provide a unique set of distinguished and exclusive training programs, as the training bags that we are based on are distinguished by the uniqueness and modernity of the content in its entirety, and we also offer a unique mix between courses and training courses in addition To offer professional diplomas and mini professional masters degrees, the methods and means of training in the institution vary.

The institution has the necessary equipment and halls equipped to hold the courses, but we also have the latest technical facilities to provide our training services remotely through the Internet, and the center also provides its training services in factories, companies and major institutions according to cooperation protocols concluded between those institutions.

Mission of the Egyptian International Foundation for Human Resources Development: - Preparing specialized and distinguished scientific cadres in various fields such as administrative sciences, informatics, computer sciences, journalism, media, marketing and many other fields required by the labor market. The center also aims to be able to compete in the labor market through training at the hands of experts in various fields, and to provide an educational environment Developed and distinguished, and developing the scientific and practical skills of individuals and students in a way that makes them able to innovate, self-learning and team work, the center aims to improve the quality of training service in our Arab countries by focusing on:

1- A precise identification of the actual training needs of companies and individuals. 2- A training team that possesses knowledge, ability and practical experience. 3- Training content that meets cognitive and applied needs. 4- Suitable training aids and aids. 5- Creating and adopting new ways of delivering the training service.

Objectives of the Egyptian International Foundation for Human Resources Development: - 1- Contributing to raising performance in various educational, training and research fields, and all other fields, with the aim of solving administrative problems inside and outside organizations and companies. 2- Development and training of human elements to raise their productive capabilities. 3- Community service and the surrounding environment. 4- Holding conferences, researches, symposia, and workshops related to the nature of the institution's goals. 5- Contributing to the implementation of small projects and helping the youth to become independent and move towards the labor market. 6- Raising the level of youth and helping them to direct their energy and define their goals to reach a distinguished society and a high standard of living. 7- Organizing courses to raise the cultural, skill and scientific level of companies and individuals. 8- Contributing to the formation of a distinguished generation capable of developing society and advancing the local business environment. 9- Providing technical and general consultancy specialized in various fields. 10- Contributing to opening investment markets for individuals through training them in managing small and medium projects.

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