We were inspired to create this app because of the current pandemic situation. It was also difficult for us personally to find volunteering opportunities within our community. We created this app in hopes of helping those that are passionate about such issues, and want to make a noticeable change to their home community during these challenging times. This app’s creation was also inspired by the increase in energy usage resulting from quarantines that cause the Earth to become more polluted each day.

What it does

The earthling project is an app that allows its users to participate in and/or create environment-related events. These events can range from things such as writing a letter to a politician about an environmental issue, to encouraging people in your school to ride on their bikes instead of taking their car. Those interested in participating must formally register to participate in an event. An email will be sent to them with all the event details. Once the event has passed, the organizer of the event can go under their ‘organizing’ tab under the ‘my events’ page and use the checkmark tool to make sure they have attended the event. Once the organizer approves that users have attended, they will be sent an email with a randomized 6-digit verification code, which they can use to redeem the points they earned by participating. Organizers can also earn points by making their own proposal for an event and having it approved. Once the organizer submits the details for the event they want to create, they will be sent an email from us approving their event with the details, how many points the event is worth, and a verification code for them to redeem their points for creating the event if their idea was approved. To make sure that the app is more enjoyable for our users, we also included a point system. As users participate in more events, the number of points a user has also increases. Users can then use these points to claim and enter draws for rewards such as gift cards, coupons, tickets to a sports game, etc! Users can also compete with each other for a top position based on the number of points that they earn, and can also earn badges for certain point milestones.

How we built it

We built our app using a website called “Framer”. This website allowed us to create our app while using no code. The app took about 3 days to build. We first planned it out using several brainstorming tools online on how we would solve the problem, and eventually came to the conclusion that we should base it around encouraging a change in individuals’ behavior. We adjusted to using the tools and components in the framer website by following tutorials and lots of trial and error by experimenting with animations and different tools.

Challenges we ran into

The website, “Framer”, was a bit confusing to handle at times. Sometimes the organization of the app while designing did not look like it did in the final product. Because of this issue, we had to redo some elements several times to get the desired result. The website was also tricky to navigate as it took us a while to get used to how the website was set up so that we could efficiently use the services they provided.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Concept of this app: help solve environmental issues in a fun way
  • Organization and extra features: point system + rewards
  • Overall design and visual aspect of the app

What we learned

We learned about how much time it takes to actually design a functioning app. Until now, we were using apps not knowing how much work was put into it for users like us to use. Thanks to this hackathon, we were able to experience the pain and enjoyment coders go through while creating projects. We also learned that we would like to create similar projects in the future as this was an enjoyable experience.

What's next for The Earthling Project

We hope to actually make this into a real app using real code. Since we are beginners, we hope that as we grow and develop our skills, we will be able to use the appropriate coding language to incorporate more advanced features to our project that will enable us to carry out the different functions that we have planned, as well as being able to add more coding and data components to our app.


All graphics in the app were taken from in their public graphics library. "Framer." Accessed 2 Jul. 2021.

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